Me The River- Blocked

Poem By Suresh Kumar EK

But the journey was not so easy,
Sharp stones, bulging rocks,
Deep ravines, killing gorges,
All the way it was obstacles.

when I acquired some momentum
They built huge dams across me,
Exploited my waters, tunnelled me,
Produced electricity, dried me up.

What happened really, I couldnt say
For I was in muddy whirlpools of
Pain, vaccum of love, passion and
Power which covered the path from me.

I was sucked into many whirlpools
Suffocated totally in deep waters,
But I kept my head above always with
A life jacket of poetic confidence.

Comments about Me The River- Blocked

I kept my head above... Movement s of poetic inspiration.... Nice
But I kep my head above always with A life jacket of poetic confidence.... very well composed sir. Admirations.
Lovely poem. I love your life jacket of poetic confidence

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