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Me The Stripper (Edit.No Swearing This Time)
DEJ Donna Elouise James (19th June 1981 / Edmonton, Canada)

Me The Stripper (Edit.No Swearing This Time)

I’m dancing the stage
Kelly’s in her cage
And Christy’s doing the pole

Strobe lights flash
An a fat guy with a moustache
Shouts obscenities at me

Then places $20 at my feet
Before downing a bottle in one

Trying to ignore his calls
And that he’s scratching his testicles
While his buddies’ egg him on

I turn away
As I hear him say
“Hey baby, I got this for you”

I signal to the bouncer standing by the neon lamp
And the fat guy who thinks I’m a tramp
Is dragged kicking and screaming away

Then two wild boys from the south
With tequila worms in their mouth
Come and join in the fun

The one with the blonde hair
Has an evil stare
And he wears trouble like a badge

The other gives a wink of an eye
To an unfortunate gal that walks by
And a slap on her behind

It think it was her boyfriend or maybe her brother
But he shouted “You mother
And smashed a bottle over his head

The wild boy dropped,
The music stopped
An all hell broke loose

Fists where flying
An the girls were crying
As I picked up the $20 bill

I looked at the note
And on the front was wrote
If you wanna date give me your number

In a restaurant some days later
I called for the waiter
And a pretty girl came over

I paid the bill
She went to the till
And brought back her cell phone number.

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I detect a subtle hint, of southern hospitality, you never did say, just what was on your plate may be sausage, bis kits with gravy...? ..iip