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Me Vs God

We entered the ring both god and I
He stood over 8ft high
And I stood as a light weight only 6ft tall
But god was like Ali he knew he would never fall

He started off with a clubbing right jab
For all the people who are in rehab
I tried to block but the fact was too strong
For I knew my brothers and sisters would be there long

I gave him a perfectly place uppercut to the chin
For all the poor people who never win
But he blocked my punch with the only thing he could
With the people in Somalia who can’t even afford to do what we would

I struck him again for not saving all the good people
For letting the wise men die and the greatest men live a life not simple
But he stood strong and with the heart of a lion
For he struck me hard for that I ain’t lying

He hit me for the black on black crime
And for the innocent who are still doing time
I couldn’t block that blow for it was true
I had no defense and nothing left to do

I staggered to the side my face bloody and bruised
He tighten his fist to strike again for the one thing I refused
He hit me for not appreciating the life Jesus gave
I dropped to the mat for that blow was strong but I wouldn’t behave

By the count of three I was up to my feet
For there were people in this world whose faith no man can defeat
God would not stop for he came again
A left and right and a right and a left which intensified my pain

One for the people I wouldn’t help on the street
Two for the people I wouldn’t feed when they had nothing to eat
Three for the people I insulted and ridiculed
And four for not stopping the killing which he never understood

This time I hit the mat hard
My face still bloody and scared
1,2,3,4, and 5 I was still down and out
For this was my K.O GOD CAN’T HEAR MY SHOUT

By 8 I came to my feet because I knew I could win this fight
For I had a weapon to put out gods light
My final strike will put him out and cold
This hit was for the entire world

I hit him with more power than a god, right in his jaw
For never stopping the evil war
And for letting down the Jews his people his followers
And that was it he was down and out

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and that was it
I had win the battle of man against god what a hit
But god rose again with fire in his eye
And placed a mirror between him and I

In the mirror I did not see a winner but a loser
So I looked to god and came closer
I said “why have I lost when I won the match “
And god said ‘you idiot, you have been fighting yourself ‘

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Your poem is superb! I don't usually read a long poem till the end. But I finished yours. It's funny, it's serious, it's excellent.