Me, You And The Wardrobe

Poem By Yor Nella

I hid in the wardrobe thinking this will be great
but my timing was wrong and I left it too late.
My plan of seduction had gone wildly adrift
for when you found me hiding there you got so miffed

Up and down the stairs you went looking everywhere
and did not appreciate me hiding myself there.
I'd got it wrong and spoilt the ambience that day
lovemaking's about timing as well as about play.

Things got even worse when we both got into bed
and it did not help matters by what I had said.
The atmosphere was ruined and try as I might
I was unable to change it or to put things right.

(Written after a disastrous attempt at love making)

Comments about Me, You And The Wardrobe

wonderful poetry here Nella.i think its got a uneque twist to it.

5 out of 5
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