Mea Culpa

Resting my moonboot-foot on a discarded
printer under my desk while fighting through
this day of discomfort caused by my eating
cheese grillers and homemade bread - all
which could have been avoided by fasting

Mea culpa - I study the life of St Theresa of
Avila to learn about inner peace; but as she
believed in suffering in silence and achieving
divine ecstasy through self-flagellation, she
might not be the right role model for me -

Though I would be glad if noisy Mimi in the
office would take up St Theresa and be quiet
for a while; as for me, nothing but a dive into
icy- cold water can save THIS crocodile, yet
torn ligaments do not allow such liberty

We have to endure Mimi's endless noise and
she doesn't seem likely to discover the delights
of self-flagellation any time soon, wish we could
make her see why she needs to change….

[10 October 2014]

by Margaret Alice Second

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