Meadowlark West

Choppers in the night husk the brilliants of thought
Beyond the cities of patina grow caves of thought
Coyote Hummingbird Owl are rivers of thought
The lumens the pumpkins dance: pits of correspondence over the land
Birds the dream tongues warble Iroquois Mojavé Ohlone
Market Street of "The Mad Doctor" via the occult centers
A gang of fox spirits at the crossroads
Bandoleros set between the obliteration of grizzly bears painted by an Arcimboldist and the monstrance of bleeding chains
Montezuma's feathery headdress torn up in the boondocks of the Rosy Cross

Coyote girls in myth-time
At the central dream of edenic treasures
The irrevocable annihilation of christian civilization is taking shape with carnivorous flowers of volcanic thought

by Philip Lamantia

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