A Prayer

Help me hold on Lord,
Down on my knees,
Each day I sink lower,
Help me up, please,

Hear the 'groanings of my heart',
'Read my kidneys ' too,
Can't hold on by myself,
I really need You,

I want to dig a deep hole,
And lay down with the others,
More tired I've never been,
Miss my daughter, son, and mother,

I love those still with me,
But I do them no good,
How can I go on?
Help me if You would?

Don't want to be seen,
So depressed and downhearted,
Try to be the 'industrious' one,
Feel defeated before I have started,

So I come to You now,
In the name of Your son,
Will be withered away,
Before day is done,

So as David once asked,
For a 'new spirit within',
With a 'steadfast heart',
Help me see another day begin,

by Vallerie Lobell

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