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Mean Mistress Moon
LAS Lee Ann Schaffer (1962 / Charleston, South Carolina, US)

Mean Mistress Moon

My head had howled
With the words whirling
Through it that night
As we sailed swiftly
Along the highway.

Wishing, waiting words
Wanting to be set free
To mingle and merge with yours;
But they were stymied
All I could do was watch her with you.

I could never touch you as she did.
She made your hair shimmer
As she ran her fingers through it.
Her caresses set your face aglow
And made your eyelashes glimmer.

She slid down your arm
And danced on your fingers
On the steering wheel.
Wrapping you in her luminous embrace,
She encased you in luster.

Glancing over my shoulder,
I caught her smirking
At my green heart,
Daring me with her splendor
To reach out with a solitary finger.

Moonlight really is cruel.
That malevolent moon
Crushed and scattered my words,
Inhibited my own endeavors at tactile encounter,
Left me paralyzed by pagan perplexity.

I should press charges against her.
She’s criminal and calculating.
Yet I know she’d remain free
Her brilliance will never be ensnared.
She will forever be your lover,

Ma bete noir.

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lee ann schaffer you inspire me with your talent, this is a great peace of poetry i am impressed, wonderful you made my day Warm regards AJS