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Mean Senorita
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Mean Senorita

I married mean senorita
Problem is, didn't know she like this
I prefer to hug, to love and to touch
She prefer to pinch instead of a kiss
I fell in love but her muscles were hid
How did I end up like this

I sometimes find it hard to wake up
She breaks on my head my own coffee cup
I say it's ok, I'm up go away
But she pinches me hard on the ass anyway
I have all these whelps, people think sick
I simply say I've been bit by big ticks

I fell in love with her long golden hair
I didn't mind her curves everywhere
I'd love to hold her
But scared I don't dare
I'm afraid that she'll pinch me
Someplace that I care

I married mean senorita
I think maybe I must have lost mind
You think you got troubles, Well, let me tell you
You not know nothing til you black and blue
You think you want her, here I give you
I married mean senorita.

copyright Bill Simmons
aka BillWilliamStar@aol.com

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This is actually pretty funny...i like it. Kinda ironic cause some people think i'm a mean senorita. =)