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Meaning Of Life

What is the meaning of life
Is it to be born and then to die
To that question once again I have thought
As once again for that answer I have sought.
Just to understand just why we are here
Is it to bring joy and hopefully not a tear
to live strong each and every day
And then every night to kneel and pray.
Is it to see how far that we can go
Or how much knowledge we can place in our soul
Is it to marry and then take a husband or a wife
Or is it just simply to help others with their strife.
As I look out my window and as I do think
Life can either end or begin with just a wink
We are here and then we can be gone
And after all in the end we are all but just one.
Is it just an accident that we are born
Was it an accident that our world was formed
Are there a reason that we are here to stand
Truly I wish to that question I could just understand.
To understand our life and our being
Many have said that research is never ending
As there is no true answer just why we are here
And if there was would our hope and wonder disappear.
As I think to myself could life itself be just a test
To see how far we make it in life's quest.
Where our soul and conscience is the preacher
And then GOD himself is our Teacher.

Randy L. McClave

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