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Meaning Of Love

Love is created out of truth, honesty and kindness
It is not formed from lies, cheating and sadness,
Love is created by two and joined by GOD to make one
It is a pack that is made together, and life is the bond,
Love cannot be created, by cheating, deception or lies
That type of relationship would make any soul unwise,
Love is truth and honesty and doing the best for the other
Love is endless; and no one should try and put asunder,
Love is forgiveness, especially when we do err
It is not running away or ignoring, but to return with care,
Love is forever, it is not for one day or even a moment
It is the breath of fresh air, as that is by what love is meant,
Love is secrets and trusts, that will be kept till the end of time
Love is one, and also knowing what is yours is also mine,
Love is pride and joy, when your love is holding onto your hand
As of bragging of your love, so others too will understand,
Love is not shame or guilt of the one that you are with
As that is not love, but lust and pity, and a users myth,
Love is to stay together, through the good times and the bad
It is not to run away or hide, when you are tired, mad or sad,
Love is created by GOD, to keep two souls forever together
And never from that relationship could or would they sever,
Love is the the sun and stars, and the clouds that are above
As they are here to warm and show us, of ourselves and our love.

Randy L. McClave

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