Meaning Of Love

Crossing the road I deeply fear,
To you, I'm coming near.
Yesterday I was far,
But tomorrow I'll be here.
Bringing the flowers and losing the invisible knife.
I come to you in the day,
And flurrish in the evening light.
Staring into your blue eyes from the distance,
My mind for you has a resistance.
My heart wants to jump and skip a beat,
But mind controls me,
Satin I must remain solid on my feet!

Doin my best to look beautiful,
Tryin so hard to act wonderful
But in the end I feel miserable.
Feelin that it was all just a waste,
For nothin, I put my life in a haste!

When the road clears, I will move again.
I will leave behind spikes and tears
And create 10 happy years.
Girls like me should know that bastards aint worth are time,
So dry your eyes, and don't waste your cries.
The one who really cares will show you the meaning love.

The meaning we all crave to see,
But blinded we stick to 'you were meant for me'
Such foolishness, such lies, we put the tears in our eyes.
Clear your mind and look out to heaven,
The one who's real will come soon.
Though be patient and allow unexpected to stick out of the crowd.
Be wise
Be real
Clear your eyes,
Show what you feel!
With positive things around us
We will be wealthy and we'll bloom!
Cuz we know the meaning of love can weaken our souls,
If we let it get out of control.

by Adnana Saric

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