Meaning Of Man

Poem By Mohammad Younus Koul

A compound of clay and divine spirit he is,
He blew of his spirit in him when he fashioned him,
So his story begins with a conflict -
A struggle between spirit and clay!
Divinity and Satan within him!
Always at daggers drawn!
"Bow to Adam, vicegerant mine, "
" I won't! I'm superior to him,
You made him of clay, and me of fire, "
"Why should I bow to your other? I won't, "
Get lost! You won't come to me -came the cutting retort -
Until you know the truth about him!
I made him from a sounding clay;
I blew of my spirit into him;
I taught him the names of all things;
I made him my vicegerent in the earth."

Man is a manifestation of divine will,
The absolute will! His command active!
He is essential, not accidental,
He is not a product of events -banal, vain, vapid, meaningless,
When he attains awareness of his self,
He becomes perfect in knowing the secret hidden:
He who knows his self, knows his lord.


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