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Meaning What?
DT (3rd January 1956 / LONDON, UK)

Meaning What?

Poem By David Taylor

Does our existence have any meaning?
If all our loved ones went away
and the memories of all those that we have met
were wiped clean of any impressions of 'me';
what then?

The sun rises and post arrives at the door,
but I am not there.
And if I continue to be not there?
The ivy will wind its way along the fence
and windows will cease shining under grime.

What does it mean to open post,
clean windows, unwind ivy;
and does the sun rise for me?
And then there is this poem
that has no meaning; must simply be.

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One often questions existance, and even our own purpose in life. I can only hope to live in such a way as to give meaning to existance...and hope there will be someone to come along after me to clean the windows and unwind the ivy. Maybe if I can just write one more good poem? ? ? ?