Meaningful Progress Is What Modern Man Needs!

Poem By Ramesh T A

Unity of friendship and reliability of love keep ever
Human existence to do best deeds for humanity in world;
In the absence of such aspects of human life indeed will
Not make sustenance of good human society anywhere sure!

In the fast modern world, earning wealth time is spent
With no chance for friendship and love to exist in life;
It's necessity is much felt at the good old age after
Retirement is achieved with all earnings from jobs long!

Realization comes late in life with no one near to help,
When one is in need of assistance not possible by money
Only to provide and bring relief to one to see a peaceful
End in life of the world leaving one at the mercy of all!

It is the great pity of man who has economically developed
At the cost of friends and loving ones to be joyful in life!

Comments about Meaningful Progress Is What Modern Man Needs!

Unity is strength, division is weakness Unity is progress, division is regress So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth....

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