Meaningless Confessions

I have a confession to make
I’ve never really felt hate
I lie to get my way
I cry to release my pain
I forget so you won’t remember
I confuse you to make you limber
I smile as the sun fades
Ill never give into what you say
The word “please” really gets to me
And it sorta eases me
Don’t make me say yes when I mean no
Don’t make me feel sorrow
You get mad I don’t know what to do
You make promises you can’t keep
You offer things you don’t mean
One more confession is I know everything
I read your voice and comprehend you change in tone, so I know when you lie and when you swear you’re right, I comply
Love has these unwritten laws that everyone must follow
But I stray from these rules and make up my own
And you let me?
Whatever I want you give in
OH! Please just give in…
Make a confession like… lie to me and say “everything is okay”
Confess that there are some things you don’t know
Confess you love me
Confess I hurt you
Confess you hate me
Confess all my worries
Confess that nothing will ever be perfect
I confess nothing but shame
And everything ends up the same

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better out than in Victoria. An enjoyable read. 9 from tai, a typo or two but otherwise easy reading.