Meaningless Tragedy

Poem By Elizabeth Haasch

This sweet sorrow
this meaning of tragedy.

Again I question.
I learned to question everything after that fateful night.
Don’t let my guard down but down, down I go.
Tumbling before you I crumble and fall.
Why does it feel like a knife being stabbed right through.

How do I tell you don’t cheat, lie, or do other wrong.
You never seem to wonder when I don’t answer
when I don’t respond.
And now I ask why such a lonely night
why did I pick this path traveled so often.
You are breaking my heart without knowing
and these tears on my pillow now shine.
The ever crimson flow of the river
that scars over shows these lasting nights.
Deeper than a sliver,
a flesh wound and worse than a break.
Saying a meaning of tragedy has come to a close.

So now the story begins.
Where I plunge the knife in deep
and without yelling goodbyes
because that is not what you want to hear
so why then. Why say it.
Why hold on if you don’t want to.
What makes things so hard to tell a lie.
Swerve out of the way.
Carrying a high range of tolerance
for the one I set forth to find.
But now Im not sure on what’s inside.
All I find is the emptiness,
lonliness of a song bird waiting to be unleashed.
So you say you don’t believe in it then why say it.
It hurts more to be lied face to face
because love now is nothing more than a meaning of tragedy.

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