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Meaningless Words
TJ (The Month Of November / South Carolina)

Meaningless Words

Poem By Tasmond Johnson

Maybe my words are just words
Meaningless words
With no substance or even taste at all
This once…
You won’t believe the words that have been written on this simple sheet of paper
But… just listen. Close your eyes and feel…
These mere meaningless words

Now that I’ve finally taken off the blind fold
It seems as if I’ve been blind for so long
The realization hit me head on
With a force so powerful
So powerful…
My heart. My soul…
Cried for mercy
For it was too much to take
The realization of emotion that rose deep from within me
I don’t know what love means, but I know the feeling
The joyous, dreadful feeling
Of love…
I know now, that I am in love with every fiber of my being
I love you with a love so powerful it cannot be contained
I needed to tell you so I wrote these words….
On this simple sheet of paper
This paper I need… Need you to believe…
So these meaningless words…
Aren’t so meaningless

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