Meant To Be

I saw the flicker in your eyes,
your beautiful porcelain smile.
I watched you closely as you
walked down the aisle.

I saw the sway in your hips,
the confidence in your walk.
The pertness of your lips,
as you listened to your minister

I saw the happiness on your face,
as you looked at your groom. For
you, no one else stood in this most
elegant room.

I saw the tears appear, while you
stood there. Tears of happy times
to come, year after year.

I saw you exchange vows with
cracked voices. I knew you both
realized you made all the right

I saw you dance together, and knew
the two of you were meant to be. A
feeling of peace and harmony
came over me.

by Melvina Germain

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The newly weds - pure love seems to be flowing through and through. simple and beautiful words.