...Meant To Be Lovers

On a cheerless sandy expanse,
They walk like among dew-washed meadows,
Adorned with pink lotus ponds,
And dull scrubs melt into woods,
Resounding with the cuckoo's song,
All this a slow winter mist covers.
They are caught in that spell of the yore,
They were meant to be lovers.

They seem tight, like beans strung in a pod,
Or on a lone stem, close -knit two cherries ford,
In grace, over rippling surface, dance lilies entwined
Or parakeets scouting for a nest, in alcoves shaded,
Like butterflies, they count not months but moments
And have Time enough
Like rocks caught in whirls of passion in gushing rivers.
They have known each other since childhood,
They were meant to be lovers.

At one glance, their faces light up
Like from gaps in woods come glimpses,
Of blue hills on the far horizon,
Eyes locked, all curdles into nothingness,
Glide out of a tunnel of soft green light, in the garden.
Her head held high, her gait, has changed,
An effect only he can truly create.
She glows under his gaze, lips in tremors.
She has a dream that has rhymed with his,
They were meant to be lovers.

Hidden nooks wait, for the thrill of their whispers,
Under bits of moon sieved by eager leaves.
Under rigors of Time, they court envy with disdain,
Their bodies taut like straining cane—
They move like a painting, spreading in waters its brilliant colors
He holds her like trailing branches,
Clasping weaver bird nests, over deep waters.
They make a good pair; she must be his better- half.
They say, they were meant to be lovers.

Seema, j
6th Nov-2010

by Seema joglekar

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