Meant To Be Overheard

Listen to them...
And you can tell,
What kinds of people they are.
And what they value,
What they boast about!
And how that is done well.

It's important to them,
Where they live.
And the prices of the homes,
In their neighborhoods.

It's important to them,
Who they know.
And where they socialize,
At the private clubs they go!

It's important to them,
What they drive.
And the number of vehicles they own.
What they purchase and where they shop!
The prices paid.
To which charities they give.
And the amounts they gave!

It's important to them,
How many degrees they have.
Which schools they were on the honor roll.
The training of their pets.
And where their children are currently enrolled.

It's important to them,
Where they take vacations.
And travel first class...
'Of course! Don't you? '
On buses, trains and planes.
And that once a year 30 day cruise.

It's important to them,
Where they wine and dine.
With the utmost of etiquette.

It's important to them,
The churches they attend.
Their religious and political affiliations.
Where near the pulpit on pews they sit.
And how much they donate...
As an 'anonymous' gift!

And listening to all of this self centered display...
One is proud and honored,
To be lifted from this pretentiousness.
Feeling grateful to be from them fading away...
From such displays of selfish ways.
And feeling more of a wholesomeness to be lived.
Far more beneficial.
Than existing to flaunt and receive attention.
Today many could care less,
Who tries to impress.
With an embellish and over exaggerated intention!
Meant to be overheard as it is addressed.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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