Meant To Intend

What is heard to hear,
Too clear and often...
Are those who will say,
As if yesterday and days before...
Have been from a slate completely erased,
From their misdeeds done to others.
Not meant to intend to do.
Yet done with them did,
With proof of evidence.

Although these culprits can not explain,
With reasons why...
What was not meant to intend to do,
Had been done anyway.
And to expect the ones listening,
To await anticipating...
An excuse from them to make.
But there is always 'one',
Doing their best to collect some empathy.
Empathy given from wherever it comes.

'Let me re-word the question.'

~Please. Please do.
I'm beginning to have heart palpitations.~

'If you had not been caught,
Would what you did not meant to do...
Be meant to intend? '

I must confess,
You have no idea how difficult it is,
To make excuses right off the top of my head.
With time to me given,
I could lie with a straight face.
'And' with tears.
I'm not accustomed to this kind of pressure.~

'So you do admit your misdeeds done to others,
Meant to intend to do...
Had been inexcusable? '

~Wait a minute.
Repeat the question.
And this time don't re-word it.
All that...
Meant to intend but done to do to mean,
Including inexcusability...
Can be confusing.~

'Were you or were you not,
At the scene of the crime you initiated? '

~I object.
Now you are insinuating,
My innocent tears are not genuine.
Haven't I told you,
I'm not accustomed to this kind of pressure?
You see...
I grew up disadvantaged.
I remember getting just one toy for Christmas.
And in those days...
All I ever wanted was two.
Some of the kids got three or four.~

'But you claim to have come from a wealthy family.'

~I was the one deprived of their love.~

'And it's clear,
That's not the only thing you've been deprived of.'

~I object.
Now you are insinuating,
My acting is below par.
I'll have you know,
I have had people weeping in their seats...
With those lines.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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