Meatless Beefs

Enticed to ignite,
Continuous divisions...
Between races to keep them,
Baited to take bites...
To excite the taste,
Of their kept meatless beefs.
Is losing the attention of some,
Wanting more substance...
Than their once restricted and biased

Many have begun to awaken,
From delusions to loosen...
Closed tight fists and bitten lips.
With eyes to see.
And minds realizing...
Who profits to win by repeated,

Who succeeds in defeating others.
While selfishly feeding...
An endless exclusive greed.
Who benefits?
If it isn't you.
And you've been convinced,
Disparities I live with...
Are my own inflicted realities.
Regardless if it's at your expense.
Who is it that has us both believing,
We to each other should be enemies?

I don't have the ability,
To raise your taxes.
How many businesses do you own,
To have relocated overseas?
You can't blame me,
For this disrespect you get.
But yet you feel yourself,
Chosen to be entitled...
To ensure I deserve,
A serving of injustice.
And disparities to receive.

Who taught you to believe this?
I don't think so.
I wasn't born to boost your ego.
Nor am I rich with wealth,
To keep you away from it.

I have never been the one,
To come to steal from your shelves.
With a doing to then claim blame,
On someone else.
If you had taken time to notice,
I am no magician to have broken...
From the shackles and chains,
To then keep desires to return...
For the purpose to show you,
I miss being used, abuse and accused.
Because of this addiction we have,
That thrives on our...
Dysfunctional relationship.

Hopefully we are beginning to see,
False kept beliefs have done this.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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