Legends Have Me

Your memories take you as far back as you want to go
Reminds us of who I want to be, those of us that no one knows

I am not who I want to be
I am not meant to be your faded memory

I dwell within the times of the past that I regret
Wallowing inside the time that has already been spent

When I am nothing like you had first thought me to be
Nothing is at all what it had first seemed
All in all inside my soul is where I yearn and lust to be redeemed

When you have me wrapped around your finger
Do your hopes of us of what could have been linger

Or do they stay hidden just as you want them to be
If you cannot see me for who I am, I will be forced to make you see

But in the end the outcome is just the same
When you are allured to my being and the entity of who I've become, left inside you to remain

As it forever reads and foretells the exact story when it was first told
Now that I have cheated death more than a few times as you have changed and continue to grow old

The dark has spoken well of you and you have worn it well
These are our secrets that makes us who we are and it leaves behind all of its legends that it tells

What lessons have you learned from our shared lives, current events, and of such distant memories
You already know the end of the fairy tales that speak of Kings and Queens
They are the legacies of our future, present, and past beyond our dreams
Watch them all fade into me when they become one as the Legends Have Me

I am frustrated at my current situation but I cannot help to think that I am smarter than this
All the times in life that is the most of what I miss

I feel that I have more than paid my dues
More than the rest of most of you

When I have reached the point of no return there will be no turning back
What more of me do you want, what more could you possibly ask

Then when I've reached final destination and I kiss this world goodbye
I have yearned for this moment for an eternity, for thousands of years I have waited for my return where I belong... within the moon's eye

Who are you to question or degrade me, who is it that you all think that you are
I will be reunited where I belong when I fall within the stars

I will be the moment that you have waited your entire life for that never comes
Lost in its own self-pity, as thoughts of only me dwell upon all souls, every last one

You are so cold, you and I are nothing alike
I was chosen from the earth's first bite

We are worlds apart
I walk innocently upon the light and within the dark

I watch as all of the souls die
I wait and listen as the dove's cry

Hold on to what you live for
Because when you are done with me and you have taken everything away from me that is mine...
Watch it all disappear as I shut the door

I am forever bound to no one
Now look at what you all have done

Seventh senses within my soul as I continue to fight for what is mine
Nevera remains the Goddess that is within me as the keeper of time

When time erases me for the last time you will know
The dreams of me are taken by the lust of love that is beyond my glow

Forbidden fruit holds the breath of your last wish from sin
As time has come and it has chosen me again

Farewell to this world for the last time as I leave the rest to forever close their eyes unto an eternal sleep departed from me and what you wanted me to be
I will start again decades, centuries, thousands of years, billions of light years from now... all to be the ultimate legacy of them all...
Watch me as the red moon becomes my return upon where the Legends Have Me

by Gianna Jett

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Poems of children meddling makes me uncomfortable. There is tension in such poetry. But, that might just be how children are. Curious and meddling by nature.
It is not good to be meddling
I never want to be like matty😉
So brilliantly told story of naughtiness of little one which is happening in households.
very amusing good poem
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