My First Affair With That Older Woman

when I look back now

at the abuse I took from


I feel shame that I was so


but I must say

she did match me drink for


and I realized that her life

her feelings for things

had been ruined

along the way

and that I was no mare than a



she was ten years older

and mortally hurt by the past

and the present;

she treated me badly:

desertion, other


she brought me immense



she lied, stole;

there was desertion,

other men,

yet we had our moments; and

our little soap opera ended

with her in a coma

in the hospital,

and I sat at her bed

for hours

talking to her,

and then she opened her eyes

and saw me:

"I knew it would be you,"

she said.

then hse closed her


the next day she was


I drank alone

for two years

after that.

by Charles Bukowski

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It is not good to be meddling
I never want to be like matty😉
So brilliantly told story of naughtiness of little one which is happening in households.
very amusing good poem
Fantastic narration of the story poem depicting a mix of curiosity and naughtiness among children. The snuff spread on mouth and nose gave a terrible lesson to Matilda and forced her to obey elders thereafter. The poem is amusing too and enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.10+++ points.
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