[humor] Speak To Me, Moon..... [speaking To The Moon; Fantasy; Humor; Very Short]

Speak to me, Moon, of what you see.
Oh! I forgot; you CAN'T see. Pardon me.

Then speak to me, Moon, of what you hear.
Damn, you are deaf also, Moon. How queer!

Ok then. Speak to me, Moon, of what you feel,
as you gaze down on our cities of concrete and steel.
What's that you say, Moon? You don't like what you see.
Well, I didn't build them, so please don't blame ME! ! |

(March 2014)

by Bri Edwards

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Poems of children meddling makes me uncomfortable. There is tension in such poetry. But, that might just be how children are. Curious and meddling by nature.
It is not good to be meddling
I never want to be like matty😉
So brilliantly told story of naughtiness of little one which is happening in households.
very amusing good poem
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