Media is a mind-controller, A just another roller-coaster. It makes you revolve round the world, Browsing all the events which befall. It makes your head go round and round, With the perplexity of arguments and grounds. The mantra of ‘believe it or not’ twists here, ‘cause at times, it will make you believe what is not to believed. And no matter whether you believe it or not, The exaggeration and manipulation will make you believe for sure.

Here comes another phase, Which takes you on a jaunty ride of interface, A co-relation between people society and race. From paparazzi, travelogue, what to buy and what not, cuisines, natives, momentous events to festive times, Media can make you travel around the world in the nick of time.

Media is vast, With so many casts. From politicians, common people to movie stars. It is a revelation… Which connects the people with the reality To decipher society’s morality. It peels of the hidden mask of the hypocrites, Extricating the ethical from unethical And bringing forth the people with the veracious principles.

Media is a mind-controller, A doorway to witness the whole world

by Sudipta Pathak

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