Media Dilemmas

Dilemmas experienced,
Did not begin with politics.
Or the hoax commercialized religion,
Has played in division and conficts.
It has been decisions made,
To market decadence in anyway possible.
Feeding minds on corruption and violence.
Then promoting accusations to make.
Done to pick those of color.
And races to depict,
As the usual suspects to victimize.
With this to convince those ignorant,
How the ones already low on the totem pole...
Can rise to heights to threaten lives,
Of those who dupe, deceive and lie.
Using the media,
No one struggling on a daily basis...
Neither control or owns.
To persuade and create,
Their own dilemmas into existence.
Then to use them to charade pretensions.
And imitations of reality exaggerated,
For the purpose to sell fear and anguish.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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