Media Letter

In quest for a maiden
I glued to my radio set
Heard my request waved in the air
While I still chuckling
About the desire of others
I heard phone ringing

I followed the flash call
It was the awaited maiden
Found to my dream
Glorious in spirit, poise in elegance
Laying songs side-by-side with my choruses
Seem expecting for long
To accept my endless gift of oath

Her date gave me a tryst
At my apartment?
She drove in like a pearl of dove
Sleek, ardent and painless at each word
Crushing melancholy into abyss

After ebb and tide for a short season
She accept my endless gift of oath
That shut the throng behind the blur
And course the lovebirds
To move with the boundless bliss of life

by Abiodun Adekoya

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