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I'm no soothsayer however,
I predicted it would happen
two decades ago.

And now we've reached the
very apex of media-ocrity in
this 21st century.

Politically driven newspapers.
Banal advertising of consumer
driven products.

Substandard television scripts
and production, catering to the
lowest common denominator.

Finally the piece de resistance.
Leaders and politicians more
rightly, an excuse for.

America has George W. Bush
who looks, talks, and even walks
like the moron he is.

England had the lisping faggot
Tony (Tory) Blair, who sold his
soul to be a statesman, and failed.

Last and always least John Howard.
A miniature retarded sewer rat with
rampant halitosis.

Looking forward to 2010?
Don't hold your breath.
On second thought, do.

The air will be even more
polluted than it is now.

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Comments (4)

What state of mind were you when you wrote this one? ? It was a good one hahaha Yes.. enjoyed the verses individually about the trio.. Bush-Blair-Howard.. Its so serious but comical by the insults you throw out.. our future does not look bright in many aspects.. the idea of going out for fresh air in the future will be going outside with gas-masks... Take care, Mel xx
Does a soothsayer predict the truth like this? Good luck and long live Jerry!
No one rages quite as outrageously as you do. You throw words like anti-tank guns. P.S. I'd love Mr. Howard to read this he he! love, Allie xxxx
When all else fails paste John Winston's face on the dart board - you can get a modicum of exercise while exorcising a bad aim! Media - Ocrity is just another form of Bureau Ocrity which is doublespeak for anal-retentiveness. Rgds, Ivan