Media Thieves

Come they do.
Rehearsed and prepared.
To depict themselves,
As both victors and victims.
And in full view.
Stirring up falsehoods.
Wherever they go.
Getting attention from whoever listens.
To their latest creations,
Of their nonsensical whims.
Legitimizing their disguises to hide,
Lies to tell.
Ensuring no one,
Will be able to detect them.

Media thieves.
Declaring war on freedoms and democracy.
And corrupting minds.
To sell more denials and alibis.
Sold to those sitting,
Witnessing their quality of life...
Take a nosedive before their eyes.

Media thieves.
Corrupting minds to do as they please.
Leaving the ones,
Doing their best to protest...
Against more digesting of hypocrisies.
Yet arrested for upsetting,
The flow of sleaze.
Those feeding upon it,
Await for more.
As if hypnotized into a disbelief.
And not realizing,
They applaud their own detriment.
Quickening the end of truth.
And the use of common sense.
Today a threat and warned to ignore,
Any attempt to relent to its presence.
As media thieves,
Continue to dupe and leave.
Politically and meant religiously to do.
With it expected to be accepted.
Or exceptions allowed to approve.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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