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Mediator Of Eternity
MR (1989 / March)

Mediator Of Eternity

in life there are hurdles
true deterination required to cross them
but for to long
the hurdles have been to strong

if there must be malice and hatred
let them turn it away

must this maskerade
will it ever end
or will i die depresed

and if they have no end
then i must depend
on bitter truth to
lash them with there vicious wicked words.

i must tell the world
of my despair
as all i see anymore
is darkness

and if all i must see before me is an endless
river of hate
then i wll have to take
it all down with me

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Comments (3)

Dear Matthew, If poetry is a reflection of oneself, then I feel your pain. I will say however that no matter how dark or depressed your life is, always find it in you to remember that you have been blessed by God with many gifts - and He'll continue to bless you - acknowledge Him and your blessings. That's when you'll feel like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes. This note to you is proof enough as you have moved me to express my feelings to you - about you as a talented artist and unique individual. Take care and be safe and....God bless. - Lori
7 errors, actually. Not that a typo here and there means that much, Matthew, but it's just an indication of how much effort (or lack thereof) you put into crafting your poem.
Six stanzas and six errors. It would look a lot more convincing without them. H