Medical Eugenicism, The New Affordable Fad Of The Privileged Elite Rich In Nazi-Zionist Britain!

By Stanley Collymore

Eugenicists assiduously at work in the United Kingdom as they
have been for decades now, going back to pre-World War II.
Now no longer capable in the 21st century to assertively
rationalize their delusional and white supremacism
through inhumane and diverse acts of barbarism,
sadistically and characteristically inflicted on
allegedly inferior races and subject peoples
universally, and in terms of these actions
varying from the Transatlantic Slavery to ongoing activities
of contemporary racism, they instead seek to embark on
another deceitful ploy, to attempt at reinforcing their
dwindling self-confidence, distinctly and grossly
embroidered hubris and, incontrovertibly, the
outright challenges presented to them from
those they've previously and consistently
debased as their victims in the genuine
and emotionally charged superiority
stakes, pertaining to human kind.

So why try to stop them, these endemically ingrained
and demented fantasists, who, it's a safe bet to play,
will inevitably get their natural and warranted
comeuppance anyway? For Nature, as all
sensible, sane and intelligent persons
know, works in mysterious ways
its wonders to perform, and most undoubtedly
will always hit back in its inimitable way
and time against these egotistical and
self-serving wannabes deities; and,
in this progression, address their
own made, and Frankenstein-
style monsters to pitilessly,
understandably, as well
as lethally maul them
in impeccable irony
through their sick
attitudinal and
crazed stance
towards life

© Stanley V. Collymore
4 August 2017.

Author's Remarks:
They happily, these well-heeled and so-called privileged elites, send off at the most affordable opportunity and also at the earliest age possible to these exceedingly expensive private and boarding schools, in order to initiate and subsequently reinforce their sumptuously bought and paid for futures, these bevy of invariably cuckoldedly-produced children of theirs. Often as is the case the resultant outcome from totally weak, compliant and dimwittedly whored upon husbands by adulterous wives and the biological mums of these very children, or else through a mutually agreed understanding with their female spouses, in legal name only, by husbands whose azoospermiac condition or more likely their Queer-dictated propensities masked by convenient but deceptive "conventional marriages" preclude or directly disqualify these men from physically adding to humanity's population tally by producing offspring of their own.

Yet ironically and even pathetically in their utterly fraudulent and vainglorious self-aggrandizement these husbands, openly and haughtily exuding all the classic traits of delusional narcissism, nevertheless, in their bizarre desire to be deemed as "macho males" boastfully undertake to characterize themselves as the biological dads of children whom they evidently father but, in reality, obviously didn't sire, nor realistically could they ever have done so.

Then with their sojourn at these expensive public schools at an end these essentially illiterate - you've only got to briefly listen to them speak and you'll quickly understand what I mean - distinctly ill-informed about all manner of world affairs, as well as markedly incompetent as regards everything they either try to undertake or actually do, head off automatically for the so-called prestigious universities of Oxford or Cambridge, where numerous places at these "privileged elite" institutions are customarily set aside for them.

And here at home, as it were, among the identical backgrounds of similarly privileged elite professors, dons, lecturers, tutors and the rest of them either running or employed in the purportedly prestigious colleges that nepotistically and in typical cronyism fashion these "educators" are entrusted with, each new intake of rich, thoroughly spoilt and vainglorious addition, as all previous ones were, from these grossly and grotesquely discriminated in favour of expensive public schools, know perfectly well that during their drug-infested - cocaine is their preferred substance - stay at Oxford or Cambridge Universities, academic excellence or personal merit, even if these were achievable by this incorrigible bunch of intellectually impoverished retards which self-evidently they are not, aren't a priority, and never will be, as regards the "attainment" of their "degrees", courtesy of the entrenched Queer, Dyke and paedophile-practising ring of academic staffers that these privileged public schools' undergraduates and even post-graduate students willingly prostitute their sexual favours with in return for their "academic qualifications".

And now fully armed with these useless "academic" pieces of paper and a matching ability on their part in relation to their lack of competence, suitability for anything of significance, or of any beneficial good to their society, their wider communities specifically or humanity in general, however as is normally expected of them these new employment and generally head hunted recruits head off automatically to the influential and powerful world of finance: hedge funds, banking, insurance, the City of London incestuously-interlinked Cabals of corrupt and manipulative investments, the Stock Exchange and all the rest of them. Likewise, government created quangos, commercial multinational corporations, influential think tanks, high-ranking NHS directorships and other managing executive positions; top jobs in the Civil Service, and most especially so as part of the decidedly comical and ludicrously self-named First Division, and most notably too the Home Office; the top brass of the UK's military even though they're customarily consigned to deskbound jobs at the MoD and seldom, if ever, find themselves on frontline duties or put in harm's way. Then additionally there are fast track elevations through the judiciary, other law enforcement agencies and certain elements of the British police forces like the Metropolitan Police; and, of course, politics and government. Essentially, cornering every important segment of British society. And accounts for the inescapable air of distinctive incompetence and widespread mediocrity that inimically permeates virtually every aspect of purportedly conventional life across the entire spectrum of the United Kingdom.

But that said it's a state of affairs that in one way or another has been in continuous existence since the acquisition of an empire, of which it was routinely, hubristically and exaggeratedly boasted that the sun didn't set nor would God in his infinite wisdom ever allow that to be the case, that comprehensively transformed the insignificant and essentially backwater European island of Britain into the global empire that it became, enabling these preposterous, long and deeply ingrained class prejudices to be codified into the ostentatious and detectably risible art form they've unmistakably become. And together with white British barbarism, imperialism, colonialism and invasive racism viciously directed against the native sons and daughters of these colonial countries formulated on Britain's part, its invidious culture of white superiority and naked supremacism against all others, and specifically so those who didn't and still don't look like them or have the same skin colour as themselves.

However, with the Empire finally gone and fortunately no realistic chance of it ever coming back, a redundant Britain, still unable to come to terms with its psychologically devastating loss, has enthusiastically like the clapped out whore it has allowed itself to become and ever keen to ingratiate itself, for a diversity of sick reasons, with Rogue State USA the since 1945 dominant pimp on the block, having initially thought that this was the only way to maintain its appurtenance as a pseudo-world power and correspondingly as an exclusive white racial entity, and most certainly so among its financially well-heeled and "privileged elites" have quite predictably taken to and are now in the process of enthusiastically embracing medical eugenicism as another desperate means on their part of attempting to reinstate their obsessive need to be regarded, and automatically respected by the lower classes and inferior races, as humanity's master race. Adolf Hitler and his Nazis, wherever they now are, must be pissing themselves with laughter. While those who sacrificed their lives for the advent of a better world must understandably be wondering what on earth was the point of it all.

by Stanley Collymore

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