Medicate Me

Medicate me with a peaceful pile of letters,
And lead me on my way again.
You picked me up when I was down,
And you drowned me with your love again.
Compassion is what you are made up of,
And compassion brought me to live in sin.
Love brightens the darkened shadows in your garden,
That I’ve been pleading for you to let me in.
Winter is climbing quickly,
And laughing in my face again.
Loves are coming and going,
And your heart I will never win;
But you picked me up when I was down,
And you drowned me with friendship again.
I’m sick to know I’m sick.
And I love to know I’m loved.
And though the paper is folded up,
I can read these lines above.
The wonderful day can be ruined tonight,
And the terrible night could the day;
But as long as I give these demons a good fight,
You will finally get to hear me say,
“Happiness has taken over my body…”
“…possessed my every move and breath…”
“…hold me close this one last time…”
“…whisper to me until my death.”

by Edward James

Comments (2)

Love had become his anasthetic and he previously believed (repeatedly) a sticking plaster was the only amount of love possible and he wanted it to be endless! who wouldnt?