CY (3/10/93 / Round Rock Texas)

Medication Or Discretion

The boy climbed higher and higher
for he knew the danger in his temper was dire
and though he knew it hurt those he adored
out his anger continued to pour.

when he saw a man he prescribed medication
but the boy declined and refused temptaion
to lose discretion,
and to always withhold his indignation.

but in the night he is no longer concious,
and as he sleeps he screams and spits things preposturous,
and though he kows its monstrous,
he cannot control his sleeping conscience,

When he see's her his discretion is lost
and he knows its affiliated with her,
and her scorn is the cause
her abuse causes his indignation
and the boy loses sight of his adoration.
he once more feels temptaion
the Man's nerve shattered and he ran in fright...
fright that he just might strike,
the one he loves with all his might

Clayton J. Young

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Dude this is literally one of my favorite things i've ever read.
her abuse causes his indignation and the boy loses sight of his is true colour of life one must understand at the earlier or later.. it is sorrowful occean and one must swim acroos without loosing sight....10 read mine humble submission..mary to marry and anywhere
Good poem... All the Best... Colin J...