Medieval Ambitions

Picked from the many,
To depict as fixtures of scriptures.
As a way of life to idolize images,
Symbolized in pictures.
Submitted to solicit medieval,
Ambitions wished.
Just does not fit to make it sense,
Why those of kept religious beliefs
Create their own divisions.
And existing splits.
To defend differences.
When a familiarity between them,
Is too obvious to dismiss.

And yet...
Historians refuse to admit,
Or are denied to reveal...
Truths concealed,
Has a purpose to continue...
Pointless conflicts to diminish,
The presence of reality.

Although reality to face,
In these times of upheaval...
Seems to have found a way,
To define itself.
With more followers made to believe,
In the existence of it.
And replacing denial to delude,
To include observation.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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