How To Prevent Extramarital Affair.

Before she spent money with careful thrift.
Now she spends a lot on facelift,
she wears the clothes of brand name,
and the perfume of big fame.
She goes to gym to keep in shape,
and is on strict diet to have a narrow waist.
She has her boob and ass silicon enhanced
so that the men turn their head to have a second glance.
She avoids talking cellphone in the presence of her husband.
She lies to him the call were from friends.
she chats on computer late into night.
when he comes, she quickly switches the website.
She takes much longer time to shop.
She refuses him sex by saying 'tired like a dog.
No interest, now menstrual period,
headache due to stress.
these are clues of extramarital affair
he must look for before the marriage broken beyond repair.

by U Win Kyi

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