A vast void of darkness,
A few spots of dull light,
But nothing else.

Here, in this lonesome land,
I sit waiting,
Wondering what is to become of me.

Selene rises in the East,
As she does every night,
Only to view this desolate land.

The sharp winter breeze,
Cuts the trees in the gloom of twilight,
Only to become still again.

A single cloud,
Obscures my vision of reality,
And takes me to a sight of fool’s paradise.

Yet I know it is fake,
All cannot be true,
Happiness is a mere illusion.

Apparitions of the past,
Haunting every waking moment,
Never to relinquish.

So I sit here,
Alone in this darkness,
Wondering what is to become of me.

*Line 7 - Selene is the White-Armed Goddess in Greek Mythology.

by sinfulbloodlust 713

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