Is it futile to believe,
the day might come,
when we can live without fear
in a world of security.
A world that gives
freedom from degradation,
and the temptuous foes
who strip all decency,
From mind and being
leaving in their wake,
A festering suspicion,
that corrodes the soul,
And destroys all serenity
and compassion of feeling. Is it futile to believe
in this world of today,
God's teaching and purpose
still hold meaning.
That the cloak of hypocrisy
and tarnished honor,
Worn by so many - will fade
into oblivion.
And the true foundation
for our existence,
Will emerge from the shadows
bringing forth tolerance,
And love for our fellowman
In the sense - God meant it! Is it futile to believe
Dear Father,
All this might come to pass
that hope for tomorrow, is not lost!
And we shall see a new dawning
where ominous greed in lust
for power and prestige,
Wither and vanish forever!
And infinitely - we will accept
all colors and nationalities,
Content to live together
respecting the rights of others,
And never losing sight again
of the origin of our beginning. And so be it!

by M. H. Barning

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