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</></>In my reservoir of thoughts
Solitary to silent reflection
In the Autumn of spent forms
I loose myself in chosen selection;
Late blooming as the Mum
Yet lost, in atachments and fears
Truly 'being' as in a field of like flowers
In harmony and empathy i embrace the years;
Spoken and unspoken thoughts
Visible and invisible all the same
Allusions and actuality emerges
Yet kindling for lifes ever burning flame;
My gaze 'tis oft' times too inner directed
More needful of the outer things
Hopeful for the simultaneous of both
Courting the final reflection that my psyche brings;
Conclusions come after some time
Raising my inner: 'Aware'
Life 'tis but a mere vapor of tests
A rollercoaster of meaningful tidings on the wings of a prayer;

By, Theodora Onken

November 7,2011

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