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AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)


Poem By AHO Speaks

I wish that I could carry along with me
The good things of life that reside in my memory
Music that is reminiscent and part of our time
Friendships of youth and young love that were mine.

The gift of creation of an earthly son to be a brother
Nothing so heavenly as to bring forth another
Visions of beauty to the mind which I could comprehend
Continual and forthcoming as gifts it does send.

The balance of nature along with that of man
Conservation and renewal to preserve the future if we can
Sounds identified to the gift of animals on the ground
They are also part of this earth and thusly bound.

The sounds of that which has colorful wings
To communicate with each other and for us to sit and sing
Visions of panoramic form, depth and height
As tho to feed inside, my everlasting light.

What else could I want or dare I ever ask
My life on this earth was bountiful and seldom a task
I had my problems and when I look back
The gifts ever so sufficient for I never did lack.

Problems mostly self induced and even some with sorrow
But the giver of life always kept me until tomorrow
The tomorrow that before it I shall stand
To acknowledge its love and never should I have to demand.

It has taken twenty minutes to bring forth this feeling
So uplifting, reflective and so revealing
The time spent with that which created me
Filled my mind with words and thoughts to be free.

10-23-05 Aho Speaks

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