Meditation On A Diamond Sky

My friend Orion climbs the sky
We have communed since
Baby eyes first opened
Received ancient canopy
Of rays more ancient than pyramids
More ancient than earth and sun
And many worlds and stars born
and dead. I wonder and wander
traveling space ways in woke dreams
listening for dance and music of life
on worlds so many we call infinite
because little minds can't conceive
and narrow minds can't believe
of infinite worlds thriving peaceful
and worlds mortally wheezing
of worlds gone dusty and depleted
crusty in heat and cold
I wonder what Orion perceives of little earth
Soaked and turbulent and polluted blue
Oceans of trash
splashing away from resort beaches
to African shores. What the star hunter
prophesies to this listening poet
and the ground upon which he stands
and the poetry of life rushing
towards its end. I lift up my love
to Orion in the sky with diamonds
my brother, and pray to our Maker
through toxic haze for peace

by Gregory Powell

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