(28 August 1906 – 19 May 1984 / London, England)

! ! Three Of Them

Three of them.
Young; they’ve written prize-winning essays
about their life so far
and what they’ve had to deal with.

Their photos are attached.
They smile from minds and hearts
open to the whole wide world

as if they recognise you, too,
standing behind the camera,
the whole world looking over your shoulder,
you too, all of you,
as the self of self.

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My husband posted this poem on his FB page on our anniversary. I felt deeply hurt and humiliated. He cant see why! I feel it resonated his unconscious dissatisfaction with my looks and his life in general that made him post this. he disagrees. To me the poem is about a dissatisfied man raging at his life, losing his fine judgement ending up in an avoidable death had he shown the courage and maturity and some psychological grit to sit down and discuss issues with his wife. I would appreciate comments and thoughts from other readers.
I know many people like this... scourges of civilisation that they are. I guess this driver is the same 'double chinned' drunk from 'Slough'.
Thank you, John. Good to see you back!