EIF (29.08.1985 / Australia)

[medusa, My Queen]

She was judged through the minds,
As a tainted god.
An aura of outspoken
Ways to concede,
Her frost filled venom
Stares of sin.
For I am her prisoner,
A living sculpture,
Trapped within….

I close my eyes,
She draws near…
A vibrational hunt begins.
The essence of an icy grip
Contains her breath.
As a crushing mist,
Layers my skin…

I can hear her voice.
An echo in reflection,
The perfection in time.
She entices me…..
I need to see…..
My Freezing Queen……

As I stare, into the depth’s
Of her willing eyes,
I see my fragile heart,
Cracking as I slowly die.

Through my eyes,
I justify….
To return her stare,
A mirror view
As she glares at me.

~A few, Tears frozen in time.
In death... you will be mine.~


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