(23 October 1985-? / Tirana, Albania)

Medusa's Head

Away with her head
Her eyes that cast your faults to stone
Forever enchased against your prides.
How dare she revel in your soft sense!
Slit this serpent’s tongue, hot with wisdom—
Hissing and ugly like the seductions of her hair…
Calling forth the breadth for every woman, their rebirth
Their voice, their vivacity, vitalities,
Their strength—Challenge the strengths
Before it grows wild around your necks!

And limit her potential, quick—quick now, before
She kills you all with truth— for security,
Hold her down with twenty of your kind
And remove the weaponries of this woman
Remove the knowing in her stare-

What muscle strength to devour such nature
You must be smiling wide with pride—

Congratulations. A fair defeat.

Indeed you had to kill her
To tame her.

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