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Medusa's Lament

Oh, ecstasy! What hast thou done?
Thy pleasure stripped me bare;
My beauty's gone, thou leaveth me
With serpents for my hair.

And what of him who ravished me?
Poseidon, art thou gone?
Wilt thou not plead for me, my love?
Didst thou not lead me on?

Thou art the one who lay with me,
Enraptured in our kiss
And there declared undying love,
In thy orgasmic bliss.

But am I not the foolish one?
Not one word didst thou hear!
Thou art a god, I beg in vain;
Why wouldst thou even care?

I am in truth a gorgon now,
And doomed to be alone.
For all who look into my eyes
Become as sculpted stone.

Oh, if thou were a mortal man,
Then I might seek revenge
And gaze into your wicked eyes,
My sorrow to avenge.

by Herman Sequira

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