(23 October 1985-? / Tirana, Albania)

Medusa's Pride

Do not seek her soul—
For care of your own sanity
Do not tempt her truth.
Because she gives it freely. Always
Inside the unblinking eyes of a woman:
Two stony stars gray in your demise as a man.

The oldest female design— A wise witch
Crowning balance in her rituals of death.
Her company of snakes coiled,
A bright hiss
Inside her ear offering her your blackest
Secrets and she smiles,
A pure smile, white in her delight—heavenly;
Cradling the constellations
Of your wilted pride

And eventual death if you stare long
Enough, trying to calculate her mysteries.

by Masiela Lusha

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love this poem for some reason. It speaks to me so loudly