JH (1/11/95 / )

Meet But Once Again

All but three years agao I left
I had to go to a new place.
I feel that I will see him again but thus only in a dream.
oh mighty god our lord Jesus,
help me,
find the person I want to find.

I moved away but I came back
to find he had gone away.
I ment to look for thee,
but It just sliped my mind.

I walked to a place,
realy down the street.
I meet a nother boy
It was his brother he said 'hi'.

I went to my friends house
someone was coming our way.
and our mighty oh Lord brang him back.
Oh Thank you Lord for this wounderful gift.

by Jennifer Helton

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that ha happenend to me bunches of times, it seems everytime we go to a forgotten place where we have someone we want to find, they show up when least expected.... i like 10