Meet Depresion

I hear one speak of tears and sorrow.
I hear one speak of no tomorrow
You speak of crying while you fell.
You don't know what tears are until you've been to my side of hell.
You think your lives are so bad?
You think you know the meaning of sad?
Wait until there's nothing left for you.
Then you'll see what my hell will do.
Rip you apart from inside till out.
You'll want to die, without a doubt.
Brutally tearing your heart to wishes.
Awake at night, praying for those cold death kisses.
And when you know that I am right.
And you wake from your sleep at night.
Hearing my whispers from the windowsill.
Wanting, needing, to rabidly kill.
Feeling this blood around your bed.
My lifeless corpse dancing in your head.
I taste this blood, so divine.
And then I notice, this blood is still mine.

by Megan Lutz

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I really like this poem, it pretty much nails the point right on the head! ! Keep up the good work! ! !