Meet Me After Dinner

Meet me after dinner.
After all has been dished and served!
Meet me after dinner here...
If you have the nerve!

My ex-wife is a memory,
And my boyfriend has long been gone.
Only they could bring that 'freak' out of me...
That sweet freak!
Others deny and hide discreetly,
As they get their own groove on.

~Day and night long!
Not caring who says,
What they share is wrong! ~

You meet me after dinner.
I can picture you gnawing,
On those big beef bones!

Finish what you're doing.
I'm the one you should be screwing.
Meet me after dinner here...
And let's stop faking,
We don't desire naked love making.

Meet me after dinner,
And release those phone moans.
Your mate doesn't hear,
Or care who's heart is breaking!
Since I yearn for you,
With me alone!

Nibbling on your neck,
I want to hear you coo...
In licked whispers
In passionate delicious croons.
I do. Yes..I do.

Reflected in silhouette,
Our beads of sweat glistens.
Under the glow of the moon!

Meet me after dinner...
And I'll have dessert,
Perked and ready...
In the master bedroom!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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