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Meeting Again

I hope that in heaven we will meet again
Then we can chat from where we had been,
But, I wonder if God will allow us both in
Especially from our past deeds, and sin.

I still try my best not to sin anymore
My soul and my life I am trying my best to restore,
I have turned against immorality, and I pray against war
To change my life for God, I have swore.

I hope that we will meet in heaven one day
To that happy reunion every-night I do pray,
God's words we must never misuse or betray
And Jesus's teachings, we must always obey.

So, I say unto you my dear good friend
Let us work together and our ways let us mend,
Let us not ever again accuse or judge or hate or offend
Then making it to heaven, we will not need to pretend.

Randy L. McClave

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