The Journey Of Life

Pain and sorrow keeps on coming back like heavy rain from heaven
Happiness do come and go
Laughter too
Tears are always there to make you strong
Memories are made and reflected at the later stage.

We face our imperfections
Perfect we only hope we were
We face challenges that forced us to give up in life
We forsake our strength
And foresee our weaknesses.

We forget that
Life is not what you want it to be
but you become what life forces you to be
We fall - We rise
We fail - We succeed
And that is a journey of life..

The journey of life
Is never an island of joy
Is never a paradise of ore'
But that of sadness and pain...

by Kwenadi Thobejane

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Beautiful poem
Amazing love poem.. Really really beautiful
Getting inspired by you I wrote 'Love at Night'.It is a really a love poem got after many difficulties.